About Interpreting the Aid Review

On 12 January the Lowy Institute for International Policy launched a new blog: Interpreting the Aid Review. We hope that you will join in this discussion.

The Australian Government has established an independent panel to undertake a review on the future direction of Australia's aid program. This independent review is to be completed by April 2011.  Interpreting the Aid Review will run while the review takes place, operating alongside the Lowy Institute’s existing foreign policy blog, The Interpreter.

Leveraging The Interpreter’s established audience among the Australian aid and foreign policy community, Interpreting the Aid Review will promote and stimulate discussion on what Australia’s aid program should look like, and provide a unique opportunity for contributors to directly influence the government’s aid review.

Interpreting the Aid Review will publish blog posts from across civil society, the private sector, media, academia and government. To encourage discussion from within government and among aid practitioners, we will accept anonymous posts and comments. We hope to encourage ‘new voices’ to become involved in the discussion, alongside the longstanding voices. We strongy encourage you to consider submitting a post.

The Australian government has stood by its pledge to increase Australia’s aid budget to 0.5% of Gross National Income by 2015. This commitment, which enjoys bipartisan support, will see Australia’s aid program double from the current annual budget of $4.3 billion to $8-9 billion by 2015-16.  Other significant changes occurring in Australia’s aid policy include a big shift in geographical disbursement – more aid to Africa and expanding the aid program to Latin America and the Caribbean. In addition, there has been increasing discussion and debate concerning the policy guiding the doubling of the aid program, with greater media attention than ever before.

Interpreting the Aid Review is co-funded by the Myer Foundation and AusAID. To stimulate discussion there will be a comments feature built in to every blog post (encouraged by both funders) and all posts will be promoted through social media to facilitate public engagement. We will also collaborate with other popular blogs and websites that will be discussing the aid review.

We seek a global audience, but our perspective is Australian. Like the Institute itself and the Interpreter, Interpreting the aid review has a strong commitment to analytic integrity and our editorial stance is independent, non-partisan and directed towards informing and deepening the debate about aid and development policy.


Comments Policy

The editorial stance, including the comments policy, of 'Interpreting the Aid Review' is independent, non-partisan and directed towards informing and deepening the debate about development and Australia's aid program.

Comments will be moderated by the editorial team. Defamatory remarks and profanity will not be published. We encourage you to comment and to be constructive.